Social Media Secrets from a Top Twitter Influencer – with Amy Jo Martin

Connecting with your audience via social media is a must in 2019. That’s why I invited Amy Jo Martin, founder of Digital Royalty, author of the New York Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules, and host of the Why Not Now? podcast to speak at my recent Level-Up LIVE event.

social media secretsAmy Jo founded Digital Royalty in 2009 to help corporations, celebrities, and sports entities humanize their brands online through social communication channels. Her clients have included: Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Amy Jo has a social media following of more than 1 million people and was named the third most powerful woman on Twitter by Forbes. She contributes to news outlets including the Harvard Business Review and Sports Business Journal. She has been featured in top-tier media outlets including Vanity Fair, TIME, Forbes, The New York Times, Fast Company, ESPN SportsCenter, USA Today, MSNBC and Newsweek.

This week’s Allie & You features my interview with Amy Jo Martin.

You’ll discover:

  • The role that vision played in the creation of Digital Royalty – and how lessons learned while scaling that agency influenced how Amy Jo designed her new business
  • The important question to continually ask yourself while scaling a company
  • How much your identity as the founder of your company should be incorporated into your brand identity
  • 2 ways to respond when you encounter negativity online – and how to tell which approach is best for a given situation
  • The secret that led to Amy Jo becoming a massive Twitter influencer … and what she does today to maintain the connection with her audience
  • A surprising way to reach influencers and the media – without interference by gatekeepers
  • 3 powerful tips to booking more stages – and much more!

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