Don’t Let 2017 Pass Without A True Goodbye…Lessons Learned

What Memories of 2017 Do You Want to Acknowledge?

We are coming to the close of 2017. At this time of year I always find it beneficial to take time and review the soon to be past year in it’s entirety.

Make some space for yourself before January 1st. Then meditate on the following questions.

I recommend that you journal on your answers to gain further insight on these experiences.

  1. Were there any lessons learned in 2017?
  2. What goals did you achieve? (small and large)
  3. What new connections did you make?
  4. What moments stand out as your most memorable?
  5. What were your silver linings in the difficult times?
  6. What were your best surprises of 2017?

You might be amazed to find how much progress you have made this year. Time passes so quickly so it is important that we embrace our important and touching moments, accomplishments, and lessons. Even if they may not have been the best of times, each and every moment, good and bad, add up to create the whole of your journey on this earth.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever… Live as if you’ll die today.”
~ James Dean

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Happy New Year!