Is Perfectionism Holding You Back from Succeeding in your Business? Don’t Overthink

I have found in mentoring entrepreneurs over the years, that many are suffering from a common syndrome, called “The Perfectionist Syndrome.” If you are unsure if you fit the profile, here are the common symptoms:

  • A feeling that all your projects need to be done perfectly before you put them out into the world.
  • You overthink everything and get into analysis paralysis. (Meaning your big goals and dreams get stuck in limbo.)
  • You are waiting for the perfect time to launch yourself, your dreams, your project or product.
  • You worry what others will think of your results, therefore, you don’t ever put yourself out there in case someone might disapprove.

Get It Done

Guess what? All your dreams and goals are a mere fantasy until you take them out of your head and put them into action. The good news is that your best work comes through trial and error. It evolves as you work through your process in real-time, as you polish and tweak along the way. For instance, the way I mentor business owners now is not necessarily how I did it years back. Through practice, I found what worked and what did not. And put more energy into what was working, and let go of what was not. Rocket science, I know!

We all have issues, so there is no judgment here. I just want to see you break through and achieve all that you desire in your business and your life. In building 10 companies over the years, I will tell you that if I allowed perfectionism to get in the way, I would never have been able to achieve all that I have. I have learned that “good enough is good enough” to get you started, then improve and elevate your work along the way.

Have I made mistakes? You bet! And they have all been gifts because I learn what I need to do differently next time. The key is to keep moving forward and don’t allow the Perfectionist Syndrome to hold you back any longer.

Get it done. Get it out there. Then move on!

I would love to hear your comments on this topic, so please share.

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