How to ELEVATE Ourselves to be the best in our space with “Cookie Chainsaw Randolph”

Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph, the legendary member of the “Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw” morning radio show in San Diego since 1990 laughs it up in our studio before it turns to serious business.

Allison and ‘Don’ believe in the healthy, fit lifestyle and are workout buddies at the same Cardiff gym!

In this episode, Allison and Chainsaw share stories about the old days, both sharing a journalism major and how one’s early passion is not necessarily sustainable for a strong business. The entrepreneur has to “get into a good groove and do great work daily” for long term success.

When asked about the morning show’s “secret sauce” for popular longevity Chainsaw credits their committed group dynamic and the importance of hiring the right team – sound familiar?!

He and Allison also both agree that not only does the early bird get the worm but heightened preparation and true command of your material along with an inspirational team will Elevate you and your business!

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