One Focus Tip that Will Revolutionize your Business

Let’s discuss another best practice for the workplace. Here is a focus tip that will revolutionize your business. One of the biggest challenges in running a business from day to day is consistently getting your work done amidst all those distractions. As CEO, your time is valuable. You want to be working ON your company, not IN it or FOR it. To put it another way, you should be spending your time on the Big Picture stuff, not the smaller details that burn your hours away.

This means you need thinking time to make the important decisions that will ultimately fulfill your vision. But how are you supposed to do that when you’ve got a million and a half things on your to-do list? Managing your team, taking care of your customers, overseeing your marketing–these are each full-time jobs!

I’m a proponent of a system called the ’90 Minute Jam Session’. During these 90 minutes, you’re going to turn off every distraction. That’s right, no social media, no texts, no Internet browsing (trust me, the world won’t end if you take an hour and a half off from tweeting).

Often times, I actually physically leave my office for these 90 minutes. Maybe I’ll sit in my car next to the beach, or find a nice shady spot at the park with my laptop (or just a notebook). Don’t get stuck on the logistics–the important thing is that you are able to block out all distractions for 90 minutes. You NEED this creative thinking time to be the leader, the CEO, the visionary behind your company’s success.

So I have a challenge for you: Schedule at least one 90 minute jam session a day. Sit in one spot for 90 minutes to brainstorm and work on ONE project. You will be a ‘get your work done’ maniac and one on-top-of-it CEO!

This challenge is part of a larger goal, which is to STOP being a worker bee and START being the CEO of your company. Try out a 90 Minute Jam Session and see how it changes the flow of your project completion time and your overall productivity.