How To Make Decisions from True Choice… Not Fear

Make Decisions From True Choice Rather Than Fear

We often struggle with decisions because our head can get in the way. We analyze them to death and then never take action. Or we make choices out of fear instead.  The True Choice Meditation is a powerful meditation practice that I use frequently for tapping into my intuition, or my inner knowingness, to make difficult decisions.

To help yourself decide if your choices are coming from true choice, guilt or fear, ask yourself, the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of this activity?
  • Who will benefit from this task?
  • Am I doing it out of true choice or habit?
  • Is the action I’m taking working toward my bigger goals?

Now sit or lie down in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take deep breaths until your body relaxes and your mind is clear. Now visualize yourself doing this activity.
Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • What sensations are you feeling in your body when you see yourself doing this activity?
  • Do any emotions arise?
  • Do I feel fear, nausea, perspiration or shakiness when I think of myself living this choice?
  • Does the activity work with or against my inner knowingness, personal beliefs or big-picture goals?

The sensations in your body are strong clues as to whether you are making a fitting decision or not.

Your body is communicating something to you, and if you really take the time to listen, your intuition or inner wisdom will give you the answer you need. Just listen. You will often hear or feel, “I don’t want this anymore,” or “This feels right.” You might feel excited butterflies or a lightness, which may mean that this is a good decision. If you feel pain, a suffocating sensation or a sickening feeling, this decision may be working against your true self. The trick is that you not only have to listen to your inner wisdom, you also need to follow its lead.

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