Who Gives You Motherly Love In Your Life?

Today we give our love and respect to our moms and the mothers in our lives. We give gratitude for the love and nurturing that they have given us day after day throughout all of our highs and lows.

Over the past 15 years in my practice, I have observed the love that naturally exudes from a mother countless times, and I am always humbled by this powerful energy.

This love is primal, strong and protective, and at the same time soft, insightful and wise. The love that a mother offers is the feminine principle of our world, and I believe, the sanity of our existence. The mothers ignite our hearts and illuminate the compassionate, loving energy for both men and women to carry to the forefront of our lives.

Motherly love may have appeared in your life in traditional and non-traditional ways, and they have appeared to give you the nurturing necessary for you to not only survive but to thrive. Whether the mothering influence in your life came from your birth mother, adoptive mom,  aunt, grandmother, family friend or other loving souls, this beautiful lady deserves to be recognized, appreciated and embraced for the pivotal role she has played in your life.

My mom has been my inspiration. Believe me, I was not the easiest child to raise. (Just a tad stubborn, demanding and rebellious.) But my mom hung in there with me and always encouraged me to follow my dreams. She has overcome cancer and at 78 does not miss a day at the gym. This is one strong lady! And there was Bobbie who helped raise my brother and sister and I. I love her dearly as my other mom.

So this Mother’s Day, think about all the moms that have guided you along the way. And someway, somehow, find a way to say …
“Thanks, Mom!”