How to Get Your Mojo On?

MOJO means living your magic on a daily basis. MOJO is your special spark which keeps you motivated. It is the buzz of life that inspires you to believe in yourself and achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams. It helps you stay strong so you can power through your fears. You need it in business because it gives you undeterred focus, bulldog persistence ( I have an English bulldog, Daisy, and believe me, they are persistent!) and fanatical obsession to achieve whatever you desire. You need MOJO so that you don’t get thrown off course at every little hiccup.

Have you lost your inspiration, your creative genius or that special spark? Do you hold yourself back because of fear or old negative beliefs? Just think what life would be like if you had no fear. How would you live your life differently on a daily basis? What bold dreams would you go after? Seriously, if you had no fear, you would never question your gut instinct, you would see the possibilities in everything, and you would have the power and the moxie to build a rockin’ business by making smart and bold moves whenever necessary. You would become more free-spirited and adventurous, maybe even travel the world, buy the house you always wanted to live in, have that ranch with horses and give generously to those in need. All this, because you have your MOJO going on!

Without harnessing your MOJO, you will often feel stuck, trapped, frustrated and over time, depressed. Why? Because you know deep down that you have the capacity for more. You know deep down that you are choosing to stay stuck. You know deep down that you don’t want to live that way anymore. Guess what? You have just as much MOJO as anyone else.

Now let me tell you what  MOJO is not. It is not arrogance, it is not bragging, it is not being judgmental or critical of others. No, that’s cocky. Totally different.  Mojo is bravery with humility. It’s saying goodbye to the cowardice in you, elevating yourself and your spirit to a higher calling so you can serve humanity in a broader way with your beauty and your gifts. It is reaping the rewards for all your hard work so you can embrace all the joy, prosperity and peace you so deserve.

The word Mojo really means faith. Wake up each day knowing that someone will say yes and give you a chance. If you call enough people or email enough prospects a deal has to happen. If you keep trying to reach your dream, even though it feels pointless at the time, you will prevail. You have as much MOJO as Donald Trump or Oprah. You just have to choose to wear it, live it and breathe it.

And when you do, watch out world. Because you have arrived.