How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone & Move Past Fear

Diary of my Shark Expedition….Yes, that is me and the shark. 🙂
My husband and I love to travel, and we share a passion for scuba diving.  The world under the sea is truly magical.  I became certified as a diver about 10 years ago and have had the fortune to dive into some very beautiful places around the world.  Funny thing is, I am terrified of sharks! And in most instances, they have really not been that visible in the dives we have done.  Until a few years ago….
We went to Bora Bora in November of 2009. We jumped in the depths of the South Pacific with a small group of divers, and once we descended about 50 feet, I felt an eeriness around me. All of a sudden we were surrounded by about 25  8ft. ‘scary as all get out’ Lemon Sharks with huge sharp and gruesome teeth and beady eyes.  Now when I say surrounded, I mean they were literally bumping into us. I had to lift my
feet up so the could swim under me. I honestly felt like I had woken up in my own nightmare.

I was totally screaming in my mask, but since no one could hear me underwater, (except the sharks, I’m sure) I seriously thought we were doomed. Mike, on the other hand, was shooting his camera and smiling like this was the most exciting thing he had ever experienced. I wanted to kill him. (That was if the shark didn’t get him first.) He looked at me and gave me the OK symbol with his fingers,  I replied back with a different finger symbol as if to say, “ You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! I just kept thinking, what is the plan? What is the plan?

I thought, maybe I am the only one that is terrified out of my mind and then I looked at the woman next to me. Her eyes were open wide as big as her mask. That dive was seriously the longest 45 minutes of my life. We survived and obviously, I lived to tell about it.

That night, safe and back in our hotel room as we relived the experience in our minds, I realized I had broken through a huge level of fear. I came home a few days later and created one of the most successful and meaningful projects of my life…. My book, Blast Off!

Now this is where the story gets crazier….

I actually agreed to go whale shark diving last month with my husband in Belize. He twisted my arm, (begged me actually) explaining that Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the sea (30-40ft long), are plankton-eating rather than people eating. Comforting, I know.  I never thought I would do anything like that again, but just a few weeks ago I found myself 80 feet deep in the Caribbean Sea surrounded by the most massive, beautiful animals I had ever seen.

Every time I face a new fear, as scary as it may seem at the time, I break through to another level of confidence. Other challenges that used to really rattle me, now roll off my back.  As you know, life and business can throw some wacky curveballs.  You can choose to stay in your comfort zone and hide from them, or you can bust out into the big, beautiful, limitless world and experience a vastness of abundance that is all around you.

I am not saying you have to swim with sharks to reap your rewards, however, I challenge you to begin pushing yourself a little further every single day. And if you stay with it, you will absolutely break through and swim in the success and satisfaction you crave.

I invite you to share your experiences of facing your fears and how it changed your life!

Watch for information on the step-by-step roadmap to get your big dreams, ideas and projects accomplished. Coming soon!