Want to get Healthy with me? Join me on the 7-day get healthy challenge with JJ Virgin

A lot of times when we are running our own business, we get so focused on work that we completely let our self-care and healthy habits fall to the wayside. We think that our business is more important, so we must put all of our energy on that… but have you ever stopped to think about how much better you could do with business if you took better care of yourself all together?


I had a homeopathic practice for 20 years and it taught me how important maintaining your health is, to be able to make your business grow.


With the way that food is these days, it’s no wonder that there are so many sick people, or that a lot of us have allergies or sensitivities we aren’t even aware that we have. Diet has so much to do with how we feel since our gut is really the brain of our body. A happy clear gut means a happy clear mind.


When we are living a busy life, food might not be our first priority, but that’s the thing, it should be. In a world where convenience tends to come before health, we can find ourselves grabbing the easiest thing to eat almost in a robotic motion, without thought. When you stop and realize that food is your life force energy, you might decide to make some better choices. If the food you are eating is of good quality and you personally have no allergies or sensitivities to them, you’d be surprised how quickly you can begin to feel better, even if you never thought anything was wrong in the first place. Then we can think, “Ok well, better food means I now have more energy, so I am able to get things done more efficiently!”


Now, of course it is easier said than done to be able to make changes when we have had our habits for such a long time. At this day and age though, there are a lot of tools to help make it easier to create a healthy lifestyle…


I would like to share with you something that I am trying for myself, that I have heard works wonders: JJ Virgin’s, The Virgin Diet, is a 3-week cleanse. This cleanse helps you eliminate foods that can be creating problems in your diet.


I’m inviting you to join me on a 7-day challenge, which is technically the first week of JJ’s 3-week cleanse. This challenge will be starting May 30th and I would love for you to join me! There is a protein powder that contains so many good things – one of them being bone broth – and we will use the powder for shakes twice a day. There are also delicious snack bars to assist in making the challenge easier. This is not just about losing weight… JJ’s cleanse helps with energy, inflammation, and your overall immune system. Click here to join me in this challenge!


I know that sometimes these diets can seem daunting, but think of this as a community of people all working together to better themselves. In the end, we will have more energy, better awareness for what is and is not good for us, weight loss, and a much clearer mind! Then we can take our newfound energy and go full throttle in our work lives without worrying that all those extra hours are going to hit us like a ton a bricks down the road.


I know that together, we can do this! Are you in?! Sign up today 🙂 

Join the cleanse here: jjvirgin.com/allison