Releasing Energetic Blocks that Hinder Success – with Lisa Thomas

As a business mentor, my job isn’t just to share valuable business advice. It’s also to help you care for your body and mind – and get to the core of what’s holding you back. That’s why for this episode of Allie & You, I’m sharing an interview I did with Lisa Thomas, CEO of Beyond Cellular Healings, at my recent Blast Off Business Breakthrough.

Lisa is an intuitive life coach and energy practitioner who helps clients release negative patterns, clear new pathways to abundance, and step into their futures … free from their pasts.

During our interview, you’ll discover:

3 ways that energetic blocks can hold you back

The 3 most common emotional blocks that get in the way of business success

What your ancestors have to do with your current business success (this will blow your mind!)

And much more!