Nicholas Kusmich Shares His Facebook Ad Success Tips

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach prospects and get your offers in front of your community. Unfortunately, most business owners approach the process of social selling incorrectly. They complain that “Facebook ads don’t work” – when, in fact, their social selling strategy is flawed. To give you clarity and help you develop a winning strategy, I’ve invited Nicholas Kusmich, author of Give: The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI, to join me for today’s Allie & You.

Nicholas Kusmich is best known as the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist.  He is also well known for delivering the highest returns on investment in the industry (at his peak, upward of 30,000 percent). He works with A-List clients including potent thought leaders, New York Times best-selling authors, and top Inc. 500 companies, creating advertising campaigns that truly convert. Here’s your chance to learn from the master. Sit back and listen in as Nicholas shares his fun to listen to success stories. He also passes along his tips for Facebook ad success.

What does Nicholas Kusmich do, and how can he help your business succeed? I’ll let him describe himself in his own words:

“I help businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients/customers using Facebook Advertising and I am the guy behind the highest campaign ROI’s in the world. I do it better than anyone else in the world because of “Contextual Congruence”– my proprietary process developed based on the marriage between direct response marketing and understanding social behavior. We specialize in working with high growth companies including thought-leaders, influencers, professional service providers, eCommerce companies, and big brands. Our expertise is behind the psychology of running high yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns whether that is through our fully managed private client work, our consulting, our intensive training events or keynote speaking.”

Nicholas Kusmich Shares His Facebook Ad Success Tips

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