How to get out (and stay out) of debt, with Hilary Hendershott

Do you find that no matter what you do – you just can’t get this “money thing” down? How do you get out and stay out of debt?

Maybe you have a difficult time finding financial opportunities.

Maybe you’re working every day but only just getting by.

Maybe you make plenty of money, yet still, find yourself behind on your payments.

Whatever your situation…you probably feel stuck, and confused about how you got here. You’re hitting up against this invisible ceiling that holds you back from making (and keeping) the kind of money you really want.

Well, financial freedom is actually much closer than you think. There’s just one thing you’ve got to know:

To create a new financial reality, you have to master your money mindset first.

But it’s often much easier said than done.

That’s why this week on The Scale or Fail Show, I’m chatting with a financial expert, Hilary Hendershott. Hilary is the founder and CEO of Hendershott Wealth Management, a leading financial advisory firm for women – where she helps women and couples rewrite their money stories, get out of debt, and transform their lives.

As someone who’s always working on my own money mindset, I’m so excited to hear what she has to share.

How to Get Out and Stay Out of Debt:

Join us to discover:

  • How Hilary ended up with thousands of dollars of debt…even though she had years of investing experience
  • What she did to get out, stay out, and start making a profit
  • Why anyone, no matter how smart, can land in debt
  • How the way you talk about money determines the way it shows up in your life
  • Why “I can’t afford that” is the worst limiting belief (and what to say instead)
  • Hilary’s tried-and-true 7 steps for helping women reach financial freedom
  • And much, much more!

Regardless of where you are in your business or financial journey, this episode will have something for you. Make sure to tune in!

How to get out and stay out of debt

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