Financial Planning for Business Owners – with Pamela Hopman

You work hard to grow your business and revenue.

But how much are you really keeping in your pocket?

If you haven’t been using your business to fund a retirement account, or if you want to your nest egg to be bigger, tune in for this week’s Allie & You. I interviewed Pamela Hopman, founder and president of the Hopman Group LLC – and one of the savviest tax, insurance and financial planning experts I know.

Pamela has helped thousands of clients in the past 8 years create the solid planning to achieve their financial dreams. Discover her advice for business owners to help you boost the financial return you’re getting from all of your hard work.You’ll discover:

      • How financial planning has changed over the years… and how these changes make it easier than ever to turn your business into a retirement-funding asset
      • 3 stages of life to consider when making any financial planning decision
      • The truth about who should work with a financial planner
      • Common misconceptions entrepreneurs have about finances and financial planning
      • The most important factor to consider when picking a planner to ensure you get impartial guidance that’s in your best interest
      • How your money personality impacts your ability to effectively manage your finances
      • The best investment for entrepreneurs – and when to make it
      • 3 ways you can spend your money … and which is best for you
      • And much more

One of the key benefits of owning a business is unlimited earning potential. Now make sure your hard work is funding your future, while allowing you to live your ideal lifestyle.

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