Playing It Safe Isn’t a Business Growth Strategy

Don’t be an entrepreneur who settles. Business growth takes persistence and an unwillingness to take “no” for an answer. Scale or Fail is the secret sauce to help you overcome setbacks and win big. As you dive deeper into your business growth, the sky’s the limit. However, most entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a wall at some point and forgetting all the incredible possibilities that their business can create. 

When founders reach a certain point at which they feel as if they are chasing their tails and putting out fires, have unending to-to lists, and never have any free time, it becomes impossible for them to focus on the activities that can actually grow their businesses. They’ve had success with their companies and with building revenue, but they just can’t seem to make the jump to the next level or even to hire the right people. It drives them nuts, taking all the wind out of their sales (pun intended) and the fun out of their lives. 

Scaling for business growth shares a similar process to swinging on a trapeze. Let me explain: The goal in business growth and trapeze arts is to surpass what your mind wants you to believe you can accomplish while assembling the systems, processes, and team behind you so that you can soar. Like any team sport, it is the union of the individual’s determination, persistence, and finesse, intertwined with the right strategies and team to propel from. 

Playing It Safe Isn’t a Business Growth Strategy

As a businessperson, you must develop a clear vision, stretch yourself into uncharted territories, and sync gracefully with the right team. As with the trapeze arts, scaling for business growth can generate tremendous amounts of fear. Because the scaling process and fear of the unknown and/or failure are so daunting and scary, business owners often are unwilling to take the leaps necessary to grow their businesses to the next level. Yet, calculated risk-taking is an essential part of success, which means that avoiding the scaling process due to fear of failure will completely paralyze and stagnate your business. 

Consider the statistics. The “play it safe” mindset leads 34 million American business owners to avoid risk entirely and suffer from smallness. What these business owners don’t realize is that playing it safe leads to unsafe results—missed opportunities, inability to meet demand, lost market share, flat-to-declining performance, employee unrest and turnover—or a business that could have been and would have been, yet never made the full commitment to fly, so to speak. 

Even if such extreme outcomes don’t occur, the worst feeling for any entrepreneur is to settle on a shrinking vision—whether you are a fledgling or have been chipping away at it for many years. Chances are you came to this site because you began with big dreams and you continue to hold on tight to them. You want to stretch yourself, grow, and soar through the air like a trapeze artist. 

I relate to all of this because I used to be one of the many entrepreneurs—perhaps like you at this moment—who was frustrated because I was stuck in overwhelmed mode. Business growth changed only when I began to stretch myself beyond what I had thought were my limitations. Channeling the same self-assurance I had when I leapt off the platform to catch the trapeze bar with my hands, I catapulted from being a small-time entrepreneur to the leader of a thriving enterprise. 

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