New Video: I did this for my daughter and for you…Never Look Back

This video will stir your heart and your dreams…
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I am sharing this video with you because, like you, I had a yearning inside to go after my dreams. I had a yearning inside to show my daughter that she could succeed at anything she set her mind to. I had a yearning inside to create my legacy and make a positive shift in the world.

I have spent 30 years building successful companies and turning dreams into reality when many people told me I would fail. It wasn’t easy. I have had to face my fears, ignore criticism of others and learn to build my resilience. As a single mom, there were many times that I wanted to quit, but that voice inside of me said, “This is your chance. You have to do this!” I gathered my courage, took the leap, and went onto create the life of my dreams. And I have never looked back.