Four Simple Steps to Keep Your Champion Tank Running Strong; Stay Passionate

For passion to sustain the long journey of your business and your life, it must have a front end and a back end.

The front end of passion is the blossoming intensity from which your passion is directed. This exploding energy is powerful, yet fits you so perfectly that it supports you with ease toward your big dreams and goals. It is an energy that comes from deep within your life force and cannot help being expressed outwardly in an enthusiastic and contagious manner. The front end of passion is a positive expulsion of energy. However, if you are not prepared, this continuous momentum can deplete you in a flash. As a homeopath and serial entrepreneur, I understand that to win in business, a healthy body and mind come first. Here are some simple tips to keep you feeling fit and on fire during the summer months. When your health is a priority, you can blast off in your business and your life! Here are some key tips to stay passionate about your business.

1. Establish good nutrition. It’s easy to fall into fast food or snacking when you are so engrossed in your passion that you’re not taking the time to eat right. (More detailed nutrition information can be found in Chapter Six).

2.Eight hours of sleep each night. Sleep is one of the most healing, energizing medicines, and it is absolutely critical for a creative mind. Did you know that sleep deprivation is used as a brainwashing technique? Without sleep, you are living in survival mode, which is the opposite of a passionate life.

3. Take a passion break once a week. Most of my creativity comes when I’m not working. When my mind is clear and I’m exploring or having fun, the ideas have room to appear. Turn off your phone. Shut down your computer. Go spend the day outdoors in nature, go to a movie, take a bike ride, or visit some friends. Talk about things other than your passion. (For a few minutes, anyway.)

4. Get physical. Especially if your passion is of the intellectual persuasion, you must get into your body. If you’re living from the neck up, your body needs to be enlivened. Choose an exercise that you can sustain by doing activities that you will enjoy, such as dance, running, swimming, biking or boxing. Mix it up! It’s more beneficial to incorporate more than one activity to stimulate various muscle groups in the body. You will also stimulate the serotonin in your brain for more creativity and mood enhancement. You will prevent fatigue and burnout as you stimulate your cardiovascular system, get your blood pumping, and your billions of cells moving. Ahhhhhhh!