How to Scale a Business with the Right Systems and Processes

Having the right systems in place right now will ultimately set you free. Your goal is to find that happy place where you have a solid and growing business that doesn’t need your blood anymore, because the workflow is pumping just fine on its own. You can walk away guilt-free to focus on more important things while your team oversees the execution. But it will only work if everything is properly systematized.

As you scale your business, think carefully about all of your systems and processes. Are they as streamlined and efficient as they should be? Are you unnecessarily involved in any of the stages of execution, including approvals? What would happen if you suddenly removed yourself from the workflow—would the business collapse? Is the team capable of flying without you? Your goal should always be to peel yourself away from executing the details and work toward creating a self-managed company.

That’s where your team comes in: Delegate and trust them to do their jobs! In order to take action on tasks that lead to growth, you need powerful systems in place that accomplish the following:

  1. Free you up to work on your Big Picture Vision strategy.
  1. Enable your team to get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible without sacrificing quality.
  1. Allow for new team members to step in and get into the rhythm faster with less on-boarding time.
  1. Limit the number of mistakes, redos, and general churn.
  1. Save your company money—unless the expenses lead to faster scaling and/or greater financial reward.
  1. Rely upon as few touch-points as possible (i.e., checks and reviews)—again, without sacrificing quality.
  1. Make more money by selling and providing more products or services faster.
  1. Get a higher valuation on your company when it’s time to sell.

​Create a Systems-Driven Culture

Upgrading your technology and recruiting the right amount of people add up to only half the equation to keep your business running at maximum efficiency. You now need to examine and fix how things are getting done at every stage in your workflow to be sure that tasks are:

  1. Getting done properly, without anything slipping through the cracks.
  1. Being completed in the most streamlined manner possible.
  1. Progressing without wasted efforts or unnecessary duplication.
  1. Not requiring too much oversight and/or unnecessary approvals.
  1. Not cumbersome or unwieldy for your employees or you.

By creating efficient systems and processes, you will ensure that all the right steps are being completed, that your team is working together toward a common goal, and that they are holding one another accountable. They guide your team on where to be, what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done.

Nine out of 10 times, the leader is the holdup in terms of asking for redos and dragging her feet on approvals that others can be trained and empowered to make. Be prepared to let go of a lot of control! If you demonstrate your ability to accept change, then others will be willing to follow your lead. 

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