How To Find Out When You’re Paying Too Much For SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is complex and is still something we’re all learning more and more about every day. The basic premise to know is that for a particular website to rank at a good position in search engine results, proper search engine optimization is required. It’s important for everyone, but especially for the many of you who are into online business, or are looking to make money online through blogging, affiliate marketing and other mediums ideal for SEO services.

With so many benefits that SEO provides (good ranking, more customers, better revenue etc.), you may already be paying an SEO service from a particular company or a freelance provider. However, you may be paying too much for the service, and it may actually be taking a toll on your bottom line.

So how do you find out if you’re paying too much for SEO? Here are some of the things with the potential to decrease your business costs:

1. Check the link building report

One of the services SEO providers offer clients is a link building report at the end of the month. You should check that thoroughly and give a look on the actual sites that have been mentioned in the report. is your link there? Is it a ‘follow’ link? Will it stay live for at least a year?

There have been more than a few cases in which the websites mentioned in the link building list didn’t contain any links at all. If this is your situation, demand that your provider gives you a proper link, or switch services! Make your money work harder for you!

2. Check the traffic

Most of time, people who take SEO services have one intention: to increase the traffic on their blogs and websites. If this is you, it’s time for you to find out whether it’s really working.
During the middle or at the end of the service, check the traffic of the blog or website. If there’s not even a 10 percent increase in the traffic and it’s more or less the same as it previously was, chances are your SEO provider is ripping you off. SEO should eventually increase your traffic, though this can take time.

3. Ask for listed sites and check their page rank

SEO services include building links on other websites. However, you need to check the sites the SEO provider is building your links upon. If it’s being done on poor sites or domains that are unrelated to your niche, it will result in more harm than good.

Even if the sites are related to your niche, you should check their Page Rank. Your SEO provider may be building links on websites that are PR1, 2 and even 0 (many clients may not know what Page Rank really is) and charging you the amount that’s taken to build links on reputable websites that are PR 4, 5, 6 and above. If your site is gaining links from low PR websites and you’re paying good money, it’s time for you to take a stand and demand quality service or look for an alternative reputable provider.

Lack of knowledge is often the reason for individuals and companies to pay too much when taking SEO services. However, the above-mentioned tips can be followed to save on costs. Basic SEO can also be learned by reading websites and blogs that give out SEO, social media and internet marketing tips. Jump right in and educate yourself! If you learn enough, you can do your own in-house SEO and save even more money.