Hollywood’s Grandson, Joe Harper on Allie & You!

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by old Hollywood stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Judy Garland. The movie business was booming and director, Cecil B Demille was taking the town by storm with his epic movies, The Greatest Show on Earth and The Ten Commandments.

What was it like riding in a chariot in Egypt with Charlton Heston? How was life growing up in Charlie Chaplin’s 30 room home?

You can hear it all in my interview with my very special guest, Mr. Joe Harper, the grandson of Cecil B Demille, on this edition of Allie & You, The Business Success and Lifestyle. (click to watch).

Mr. Harper has also been the president and CEO of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for over 30 years. Famed greats such as Seabiscuit, Cigar and Zenyatta have graced this track amongst the Hollywood favorites, Lucille Ball, Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante and Bing Crosby.

Watch the video interview and you will hear some fascinating stories about his Tinsel Town childhood, and the rise of his career from the MGM mailroom to one of the most famous racetracks in history. Joe will also share the special ingredients he has used to keep the business thriving with record breaking revenues, while the rest of the economy was struggling.

You can watch the whole interview here.

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