Business Apps That Make Life Easier

As a business owner and mentor, I am continually looking for great opportunities and innovative tools for myself and my clients. It is my smartphone that keeps me up to date on most of this information. I can use it anywhere to keep in contact with the office, help out with communications issues, access notes and special information or simply search for the newest and latest business trends. Many business owners say they would be lost without their smartphone features. These include the ability to sync with office computers, carry important contact information, and manage blog posts. There are countless business apps out there. The following is a short list of a few indispensable business apps that make life easier.

Business Apps That Make Life Easier


This is great for small retail or service related industries that need to collect fees in out-of-office settings. I use this at my speaking events when selling my products and programs, and with my online jewelry and accessory store. The application allows you to process debit or credit card payments from any location by using your Android, iPhone, or tablet. There is a small reader that attaches to your phone or tablet where you can simply slide the card and the data is immediately taken. There’s no fee for the application or device, but the app manufacturer does take a small percentage fee.


An app offering storefronts where small businesses can advertise their services. It’s a great way to build trust and brings growth to small local businesses. The app allows anyone with a smartphone to look up any small business in their locality.


Download the WordPress plugin for your smartphone and access your blog from any location. Write posts and manage content from anywhere with this easy to see mobile format. If you’re a blogger, mobile access to your content is a must, and WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS out there.


One of my favorites! I look at Evernote as my online file folder. Write or scribble your notes and ideas. Make voice recordings and tag your notes with your points. This is great for meetings or brainstorming sessions when you don’t have time to stop and write it down. And since I have a hard time reading my handwriting, this works out perfectly.


This app syncs your Chrome bookmarks and your Android phone so that you can access all your bookmarks and folders. It’s a great way to painlessly synchronize data on your phone and tablet.


One of my least favorite parts about traveling, particularly flying, is fumbling with itineraries, tickets, passports, and all sorts of other wasted paper. With TripIt, you can plug your entire trip itinerary into the app, and it will organize it in a user-friendly format that will help you get through your trip with much less hassle. I travel a lot, so the simpler I can make the process, the happier I am!

As an added bonus, Google Mail users can sync up the TripIt app with their email account, and it will automatically generate the itinerary from the email. There is also a TripIt Business version that manages multiple itineraries for team members on the same business trip.


This is a mobile LinkedIn app for your on-the-go, networking pleasure and it’s powered by LinkedIn Open API. LI is an example of a social media site that doesn’t naturally lend itself to the small screen, so this app is great for people who rely on that network.

Interactive Life Coach

And last but not least, my online success system that helps you get clarity on your business goals and life passions, and then helps you break down your big picture visions into small baby steps, that I call Mini Feats, that you can easily achieve on a daily basis. When you use this regularly, you cannot help but create a big upward shift in your achievements.

These are just a few of the business apps that make your life easier, allowing you to stay on top of your information, while at the same time allowing you to participate in your personal life. If you don’t have the apps on this list, download them, learn to use them, and see if they don’t dramatically improve your efficiency and organization.