Behind the Scenes of the Blast Off Business Breakthrough

Check out these behind scenes gems of the Blast Off Business Breakthrough! I’m currently deep in content development for my biggest event of the year, Blast Off. It’s interesting in that I have led this event 6 years now and going into my 7th. Each time I do whatever possible to take it up several notches.

When you are creating a product, book, new material on any aspect of your business, at first your mind will pay tricks on you. You come up empty when going after new ideas or a new way to approach things. You keep writing, visualizing, rotating things, turning things upside down and the result is that it looks better… but its just not it.

Then all the sudden, you will see something stand out, hear a song, find an old scribble, go for a walk, read a poem, watch a movie (because your brain is on overload) and then… out of the blue…that new idea pops into your consciousness and smacks you right between the eyes. And you say, “YES!!! That is IT!!!”

Then you go back to your creation, delete a bunch of content that did not make the cut, and pour out your latest and greatest work of the moment. Your biggest clue: You become instantly FIRED UP. If it inspires you, most likely it will inspired others, too. Stay with it. Your best work is just a few mind bursts away.

Give yourself this gift and kick off 2018 with jet fuel! It will truly change your life! You can grab your seat here: