The Importance of Having the Right People in Your Life

Aside from being a busy entrepreneur, today’s podcast guest, Allison Maslan is a wife, mom, and dog mom. She’s also been a trapeze artist for 18 years. It helps her clear her head and become more inspired to do other things in life.

Allison comes from an entrepreneurial family, so it was only natural that while in college at the age of 19 she started her first company. Since then, she’s built ten companies including an Advertising and PR agency, a beauty salon chain, a software company, and a homeopathic school among many others.

These days, Allison takes her decades of business experience and mentors business owners across the country. She feels as though she’s doing her best work right now because she’s paying it forward by sharing all her years of business wisdom.

In today’s podcast episode, Allison and I chat about how her dad’s passion and love for business has been a huge inspiration to her. We also talk about surrounding yourself with the right people, and the benefits of joining a mastermind group. Listen to the podcast below: