Another Great Horse and The Champion Inside of You….Be Inspired

I just watched the movie Secretariat. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. The story is about much more than an amazing racehorse.

Secretariat’s owner, Penny Chenery, was pressured from all sides to sell her father’s horse to save the farm. Her own brother urged her to give up due to financial pressures. Her husband felt she was taking too much time away from the family to follow the calling of her heart.

But Secretariat’s fire rekindled a spirit inside of Penny that she had not felt in years. She fought against all odds and stood up for what she believed in. Penny refused to back down. She refused to quit. Well, we all know what happened. Secretariat won The Triple Crown and still holds the world’s record for the fastest 1 1/2 mile race. Why am I sharing this?

Because it’s this kind of spirit that keeps me going day in and out.
It’s this kind of spirit that got me through as a single mom raising a teenage daughter. It’s this kind of spirit that keeps me impassioned about my work as a homeopath and a life and business coach.

I truly believe we are all born with a gift. And I’ve come to understand that my special gift is an ability to see the gifts in others and inspire them to their greatness. Yes, you all have greatness inside of you.

And I don’t believe it is about how much money you make, or even what you have accomplished.
It is about finding that truth within yourself, whatever that is for you, then embracing this spirit with all of your might and standing up for yourself as if to say,“ Yes, this is me. This is my passion and this is what I stand for.” Then give your truth every ounce of inner fire that you’ve got, so that you don’t look back on your life and say, “Why didn’t I?.”

Call me a dreamer. But I believe dreams come true if you hold the vision and sincerely go after them.

PS. I just found out that Secretariat and I share the same birthday. How cool is that?