What 5 things will ensure your success in 2011? Watch now…

Instead of posting an inspiring New Year’s message, I hope you find some inspiration from my two latest television interviews this week in San Diego.
Tips to Blast Off for 2011!
Here is my Fox San Diego Interview from December 30th.
Also, here is my XETV San Diego interview from December 28th.
Yes, they are somewhat similar, but if you are like me, you need to hear something a few times before it sinks in! In summary, these are the philosophies I live by. Incorporate them into your life and you cannot help but create a magical life and career.
1) Find Your True Calling
2) Think Big, Bigger than you ever have before!
3) Make Decisions from True Choice, Not Fear
4) Jump in with Both Feet
5) Ask for Support ( I did not have time to mention this tip in my interviews.)
You do not need to go it alone. It is a sign of strength to ask for support and guidance and is the fastest and easiest track to success. Successful people have a team around them for support, relief, guidance and insight, so you don’t need to be super human anymore. 🙂 Have a fantastic New Year. I know 2011 will be your best year yet! I am so grateful for all of your love and support.
Brightest Happy New Year to You~