What Mr. and Ms. Grounded Know about Life…Stay Grounded

What if you were able to stay grounded, no matter what your day threw at you? Take a look at the qualities and behaviors of The Grounded Woman and The Grounded Man.

The Grounded Woman

– Knows how to take a deep breath and a little time to calm down.

– Is forgiving of herself in every moment.

– Has no problem prioritizing items on her to-do list, or even dropping tasks from the list.

– Realizes that she was only given two hands, and is comfortable delegating responsibilities to others.

– Knows the meaning of “one day at a time.”

– Puts herself up on a pedestal.

– Gives herself the accolades due for a day well done, even if others are not recognizing her efforts.

The Grounded Man

– Takes good care of his body and mind by making the commitment to exercise and eat in a healthy way.

– Has learned to follow his heart in his career/business path and in love, rather than making choices to meet others’ expectations.

– Cultivates good friendships with other men and feels comfortable being open with his emotions.

– Knows that feelings of sadness and fear are healthy and will heal faster when they are released rather than suppressed.

– Balances his drive with fun and adventure. ␣ Knows that laughter and balance feed his soul and therefore will feed his personal and professional life.

After reading about Mr. and Ms. Grounded, what changes do you want to make that would help you feel less frazzled and more fulfilled? Can you think of any improvements that would help you feel grounded that were not on either of the above lists?

What do you think about Mr. and Ms. Grounded? Leave a comment and give me your thoughts on this topic.