Preparing for a Recession

For business owners like us, January is a clean slate. But this January is more important than any new year you’ve ever faced. History (and what seems like every media pundit and economic expert out there) indicates that we’re headed into a recession. That’s why I want to have a heart-to-heart with you today. Ready for some straight talk?

learn how to prepare for a recession

Straight Talk from Allison

Here’s what I have to share:

  • What most business owners are doing now that a recession is looming… and what you need to be doing instead
  • Why a down economy can actually be great news for savvy CEOs
  • 4 things you need to do to position yourself to win (not just survive)
  • The hands-down best thing you should plan to do in the new year to continue your company’s growth
  • And much more

I’ve navigated many economic ups and downs while scaling 10 companies over the past 35 years. I promise…

You don’t need to panic at the thought of a recession. But you do need to be smart about what you do next.

Prepare Yourself

If you want to ensure that you’re investing your time, money and resources into the right strategies to survive and thrive in a recession, join me for Level-Up Live in January. For 3 days, I’ll help you figure out what you’ll do in all areas of your business – product development, sales, marketing, systems, hiring, team building, developing a millionaire mindset – and more. Get more info here…

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