The Three Inconvenient Truths You’re Avoiding with Ashley Stahl

This week on The SCALEit Method®, Allison talks with former counterterrorism professional, career coach, podcaster, and bestselling author, Ashley Stahl. In this episode, Ashley talks about why we should follow our gut more, how we can discover our core values, and core skills to decide our direction in life, and the difference between intuition, intellect, and instinct.

Topics Include:

Working as a counterterrorist in the Pentagon

Using our second brain (your gut)

Discerning between a gut feeling and fear, or anxiety

Using intuition effectively in our careers

Why are people cut off from their feelings Identifying our core skills to discover our talents

Avoiding burnout by understanding your core skills

Hiring the right people based on their core skillset

The difference between core skills and core values

The dangers of overplanning

Reaching the next level as a business owner

And much more…