The Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance: Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore With Rich Diviney

This week on The SCALEit Method®, Allison sits down with retired Navy SEALS veteran, bestselling author and leadership and human performance expert, Rich Diviney. Allison and Rich discuss what he learned during his time interviewing potential Navy SEALS, how we can take control of uncontrollable situations and the value of having the right attributes.

Topics Include:

How Rich became a Navy SEAL

How the Navy SEAL training affected

Rich Insights from interviewing SEAL teams

Discovering the intangible attributes of anyone

Attributes that contribute to optimal performance

The difference between skills and attributes

Being a master of uncertainty

Defining optimal performance

Using dynamic subordination as a task organization structure

The danger of trying to control uncontrollable situations

How we can focus on our goals, not our shortcomings

And much more…