Shift Your Mindset and Scale Past 7 Figures

Former NFL linebacker Anthony Trucks was a force to be reckoned with on the football field. After a series of what he considers unfortunate made fortunate events, the athlete’s mindset kept him standing back up and conquering business and life. 

Tune in to this insightful new episode ▶️ Shift Your Mindset and Scale Past 7 Figures with Anthony Trucks.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Anthony Trucks’ story reminds those that hear it that they can always change for the better. He was given away to foster care at age 3, so he chose not to be a victim of his circumstances. He became a former NFL Athlete, author, international speaker, and life guide that took him many shifts to become the most excellent version of himself.

✔️ The lack of understanding of your identity impacts your ability to lead your business successfully. Most leaders don’t want to see any chinks in their armor. Anthony shares, “We have this EGO, Everyone’s Greatest Obstacle. The inability to pull the ego back and look at the area within them that needs some improvement is protecting parts of their identity that are not beneficial to their future.”

✔️Shift your identity to match your dreams. Have you hit the ceiling in your company? It’s time to make a change. Anthony says to check in with yourself and commit to being an energetic match in embodying that next level of you.

✔️You may be the common denominator in all your problems — whether you created or allowed it. Learn to open yourself to the possibility of letting your ego stand in the way of accepting your flaws.

✔️Adapt the football mentality. This means identifying yourself with your efforts. “Sometimes that may mean I’m wrong, imperfect, or didn’t do great right now. Don’t be the person who identifies as knowing it all and never taking other insights. In football, you’re one of the best in the world. But every day, you go to practice, and every day you watch the film, and every day gets yelled at. It doesn’t mean you’re horrible, but you got more room to improve.”
✔️ Be at peace with the pieces you lay each day. Anthony shares that to get out of living in this rigidity and the stress of “I’m not just there yet,” requires stepping back and appreciating who you are and what you can do in the present. “Settle in and be at peace with the pieces of the foundation you lay down daily and create moments with people you love — your spouse, children, and friends. And then tomorrow, go put another piece and then walk away being at peace with the work you laid each day.”