Private Label Business Success with Karen and Neil Gwartzman

My father was my very first business mentor

When I was growing up, he ran a chain of highly successful, women’s ready-to-wear clothing stores across the Midwest. I was lucky enough to join him on visits to the office.

If there’s anything that stuck with me (besides the trips to the ice cream shop after his meetings), it was this:

In his office, there were several colored different phones, each connected to a different Maslan’s location. Multiple times a day, my father would call the managers, and ask how many sales had been made.

That might seem like micromanaging…and maybe it was, a little.

Yet it was also a very important lesson.

Because if you’re running a business, you NEED to be making money, every single day.

There are a few ways to do that…

But one of the best is by creating, selling, and private labeling products

And anyone, or any business, can do it!

I’ll be honest – even though this is an incredibly lucrative way to grow your revenue, way too few business owners take advantage of it. They shy away from private labeling because it seems difficult or complex or expensive.

If that’s you, then you need to listen to today’s guest on The Scale or Fail Show

For the past 30 years, Karen and Neil Gwartzman have been producing private-label goods for some of the biggest retailers around the globe – making them two of the most experienced and successful private labeling specialists you will find in the world!

They are the founders of Private Label University, and bestselling authors of Private Label Secrets, and the creators of the easy-to-follow, step-by-step Private Label Blueprint – a signature process that you can use on ANY platform, whether it’s on your website, on Amazon, or in retail.

If you’ve ever thought about using it for your business (and even if you haven’t considered it) Karen and Neil are your go-to experts.

Join us to learn:

  • What Private Labeling really is
  • Neil and Karen’s story of creating the Private Label Blueprint, which has helped them get millions of products into big box stores in over 25 countries
  • The biggest myth about private labeling – that prevents business owners from really taking advantage of it 
  • Why private labeling can work for anyone (their 13-year-old son paid for his own college…by private labeling ONE product!)
  • Why private labeling immediately and continually expands your market
  • How to choose the perfect product to sell
  • Which marketplace or platform is best for your business, specifically
  • Tips for making sure you’re using a high-quality product…and avoiding the bad ones
  • Why using private labeling is an amazing networking tool
  • And so, so much more!

When I say we covered a lot in this episode, I am not kidding. Karen and Neil are a wealth of information…and they’re dedicated to helping you learn to private label your way to success. 

To your joy and success!


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