How to Pivot After The Biggest Loss of Your Life with Eric Wood

With all the big changes that are happening, many of us are having to make big pivots in our businesses, and we’re having to make them NOW.

It’s tough… yet with time, hard work and creativity, it’s always possible.

But what about when you have to pivot your entire life?

What do you do then? How do you turn around a humongous loss like that… 

And somehow use it to create something just as great or even better in your life?

Those questions are exactly the same ones that Eric Wood asked himself when he was forced to leave his dream job in the NFL.

A former lineman for the Buffalo Bills, Eric Wood was a three-time captain named to the 2015 Pro Bowl. After being diagnosed with a severely dangerous neck injury, he was told he absolutely, 100% could never return to football — and his 9-year career in the NFL was ended in 2018. 

But as devastating as it was, it couldn’t stop Eric. He made an enormous pivot in his life and career. 

Using his passion for football and dedication to his community, Eric became a voice in the industry. A commentator and radio host, he’s now also the host of his own highly-rated podcast, What’s Next With Eric Wood.

On this week’s episode of The Scale or Fail Show, Eric is sharing exactly how he overcame such a huge challenge and pivoted to something amazing… and how, no matter what you’re facing, you can do the same thing.

Watch now to discover:

  • Eric’s incredible story of becoming a first-round pick in the NFL, when he wasn’t a starter on his high school team
  • How he learned his dream career was over, when he had zero backup plan
  • His lowest point post-career — no job, no team, no direction — and how he finally got through it
  • Eric’s #1 piece of advice for anyone struggling with a major transition
  • What Eric is still working on now, 2.5 years later (I loved that he shared this!)
  • What Eric says is the most dangerous habit that holds us back when re-inventing ourselves
  • How he pivoted using what he learned on the field to create success off the field
  • Why focusing on service is the best way to make a pivot
  • And so much more!

If you are going through a major transition, loss, change, or challenge, this is for you.

Not only is Eric’s story incredibly inspiring — it’s proof that you can turn an obstacle into a stepping stone towards something fantastic. And he gives you the steps you need to make it happen.

Make sure to check it out!

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