How to Create a Profitable Company Culture with Mike Ganino

Do you want to create a company culture that employees love – and customers can’t stop talking about?

Then this episode of Allie & You is for you! My guest is company culture and engagement expert Mike Ganino, whose Radical Culture methodology fuels successful employee experiences, drives leadership development, and boosts customer service at companies and organizations around the world, such as Uber and US Foods

Mike is the former Chief Operating Officer and partner at Protein Bar, where he grew the brand from mom + pop smoothie bar to a multi-state, private-equity funded newsmaker. For the past 20 years, he’s been on the front-lines of creating radical cultures that help create bottom-line results, beloved brands, and engaging employee experiences … working with high-growth, experience-driven organizations from airlines to hotels, from restaurants to wine distributors, and from tech startups to real estate brokers.

Join us to discover Mike’s innovative ideas for shaping your culture into one that wins on your terms.

You’ll learn:

    • What company culture is really about at its essence (it’s not what most people think)
    • How culture can be leveraged to create bigger business results
    • How big your company needs to be before culture becomes a concern
    • Mike’s framework to creating a company culture that engages your team and customers
    • Tips for creating a vision statement that inspires and guides
    • Strategies for uncovering the company values that matter
    • Ways to leverage company culture to hire great talent
    • What you should be doing every day with your team to build a great culture (The big question: Does it require ping pong tables and happy hours?)
    • What most business owners get wrong when it comes to culture – and how to avoid their mistakes

And so much more – watch it now.