Holistic Health and Wellness Tips for CEOs – with Shane Young

Being a CEO takes a lot of energy. To get out into the world and make things happen, you need to feel strong, healthy and vibrant. That’s why I’ve invited Shane Young, CEO of Ascend Body, a San Francisco-based holistic fitness and wellness studio, to join me for today’s Allie & You.

As a homeopathic doctor, I’m a big fan of anything holistic. In my 20 years in the wellness industry, I’ve never seen someone approach health and fitness the way that Shane does. Several of our Pinnacle Global Network members and business mentors have worked with him to achieve great results. Now it’s time for you to benefit from his wisdom, too.

Tune in to discover:

  • The 2 things you absolutely must have to succeed in changing your health and fitness habits
  • How the foods we choose to eat affect our energy and brainpower – and the biggest food myth that may be harming your health
  • A business success strategy that applies to wellness – and how to use it to get yourself up and moving when your mind is resistant

And more!


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