The Connection Between Intimacy and Success – with Allana Pratt

Business success depends on many things, such as your ability to sell, targeting the right clients, and being able to articulate your unique selling proposition…

But the biggest factor is the relationship you have with yourself.

That’s why I invited lifestyle and intimacy expert Allana Pratt to join me for this week’s Allie & You.

Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX and weekly on the Good Men Project, this cum laude graduate of Columbia University is a three-time author, gifted celebrity coach and sought-after media personality.

Allana inspires open-hearted courageous living with delicious sass and today will share insights to help you boost your business success – by reclaiming your joy, freedom and personal power.

Tune in here to discover:

  • How your relationship with your body affects your business success
    • How many business owners unknowingly shut themselves off from attracting more clients and money
    • What intimacy really is – and why you need it to achieve business success
    • The 2 most important things that have contributed to Allana’s success – and how you can incorporate these practices into your own life
  • Who is REALLY getting in the way of you having the life you want (hint: it’s not who you think)
  • Why you need to let go of wanting greater levels of success – and what to focus on instead
  • What women need to shift to unlock their true power – and how this change will impact men and the world around them
  • And much more…