Breaking Through Emotional Blocks – With Lisa Thomas

Do you ever procrastinate, feel overwhelmed, or become paralyzed by the fear of failure (or even of success)?

Then be sure to catch this episode of Allie & You. I’m interviewing Lisa Thomas, Energy Healing Expert, and intuitive life coach who helps clients release negative patterns, clear new pathways to abundance, and step into their futures … free from their pasts.

During this show, Lisa will share insights into how emotional blocks get formed … how they are drastically limiting your success … and how to release what’s stopping you so you can soar to new heights in your business.

You’ll discover:

    • How your energy as the CEO of your business is affecting the health of your company
    • 3 ways that negative experiences get trapped within us (one of these really surprised me!)
    • Why business owners so frequently fall into the trap of working around the clock
    • How to deal with your avoidance of needing to let employees go
    • 4 reasons business owners underprice their services
    • The root cause of procrastination … and how to deal with it
    • The easiest way to shift your energy and bring in more of what you want to attract
    • And so much more – tune in here.

Lisa is also sharing a free gift that will help you release money blocks that you’ve inherited from your family. We’ll give you details about how to claim your gift during the call.