Ready To Win Back Your Time, Health, And Sanity… While Scaling Your Business?

Can You Really Double Or Even 20X Your Profits Within 12 Months… While Working LESS?​

If you’re a SERIOUS 7-9 Figure CEO…

Specifically, one who’s actively working night and day in their own business, but looking to transform into the visionary leader that you know you should be…

Then this may be the most important page you’ll ever read.

I say that because, in this short read, I’m going to show you the EXACT 5 Pillars that make up a “scalable company” that thrives without you…

So that you can achieve the personal freedom AND financial freedom we’ve all dreamt about when we started our businesses – I’m talking about more profit, more time, and more impact.

I’m also going to show you how to apply one of the 15 Scalable Models to your own business (whatever it may be).

So what is scaling, really?

Scaling is a word that is often used incorrectly. A lot of people think scaling means to grow fast.

But if you just grow fast your business can actually implode.

I’ve seen it happen.

What “scaling” really means is: Replication and Multiplication

You’re going to replicate your offers, programs, or services to more people… so your business can multiply its reach well beyond YOU.

When you replicate and multiply, your profits shoot up, the people you impact shoots up, and the growth of your company explodes without you working harder.

And when you do this properly, your expenses will NOT increase at the same rate as your growth…

And you will NOT sacrifice results or performance.

In other words, scaling should be the goal of every CEO.

Did You Know

… that globally, 90% of businesses are small businesses (businesses with fewer than 250 employees)?

And that out of 32.5 million small businesses in the US, only 9% make over $1 million.

To be honest, I couldn’t find a statistic on how many make 8 or 9 Figures, but I expect it to be under 1%.

Here are some more real stats though (from Small Biz Genius, Fundera, & Keap)…

82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow issues.

23% of small businesses fail because they don’t have the right team.

17% fail because they lack a business model.

And 46% are unsure whether their marketing strategies are working.

Here’s the thing…

You can choose to not be one of those statistics.

That’s why I came up with The SCALEit Method – my proprietary proven scale framework.

The only proprietary method out there that focuses on your entire business. Not just operations, not just sales, not just marketing, but your entire business.

More on this later.

And if you’re anything like I used to be, you’re probably exhausted, your health or happiness is going downhill, your family is begging for time with you… and by the end of the day, while your business is successful, to some standard, the profits aren’t really there either. So…

I’m Writing This To Teach You 3 Extremely Important Lessons.

By the end of this letter (if you pay attention to what I say), I promise that you’ll be able to identify which one of the 5 Phases you’re in…

Which of the 5 Pillars Of Scale you’re lacking…

And how ONE THING can double, triple, or even 20x your profits and happiness in 2024.

So, let’s begin…

When it comes to scaling, the FIRST thing you need to do is…

Identify where you’re at.

Just like there are 5 Pillars, there are also 5 Phases.

If you’re reading this, you should be past Phase 1, which is…

The Seeker’ – This is the start up phase. No scaling can happen here because you run everything with little to no team or bandwidth.

Phase 2 is ‘The Pioneer’. The pioneer knows their audience, they’re well into the multi-6 figures (around 500k). Maybe they have a small team, maybe an executive assistant. They’re not scaling though because they’re still approving everything going in and out of the business. Your pulse is on everything and YOU are the bottleneck.

So Phase 2 is super stressful.

One of our members who’s been with us for over 13 years, Robin Richter, came to us when she was stuck in phase 2. She does promotional products for events and already had really great, well known clients and revenue. BUT she cares so much that she was still involving herself in every piece of her business. She was the definition of overworked and overwhelmed, but after a very short amount of time she’s created a fully team-managed company that even grew over covid and thrives while she’s out golfing and enjoying life.

Now Phase 3 is called ‘The Ringleader’. It’s called this because it’s a circus… It’s not all bad, but bad things are happening. You’re growing your teams, but you get so in the role of hiring without being crystal clear about the “what” or “who” or the key metrics needed for the people you’re hiring. You don’t know what success looks like for them. You probably end up hiring people that don’t fit the culture, aren’t committed, and don’t last long.

What sucks about phase 3 is you can probably tell what’s happening, but you don’t know how or have the time to get yourself out of it. You’re already exhausted because you’re just putting out fire after fire.

Fran Bishop is a perfect example – Her company is called Aerobodies Inc, which is about wellness for corporations. When she came to us, she was 20 years into her business and was so burnt out that she lost her passion. We helped her get through this and today…

She has a team that’s leading 9-figure deals without her involvement.

Next up is Phase 4: ‘The Co-Creator’. This is when your team is taking initiative to improve and take the pressure off your shoulders. This is where the freedom begins, but you have to hire strategically and work on cultivating this team.

Just like Bruno Reich (Reich Construction LLC), who was stuck at $2 million in revenue after 42 years! Since working with my team and I, he set a new goal of $10 million this year and $20 million next year. He recently told us that he’s on track to achieve that… AND now has the time and freedom to pursue his Passion Project – building an Earth-Friendly, self-sufficient house.

Which brings us to Phase 5: ‘The Visionary’ – When your company is thriving without you. Here you have endless choices of what to do with your business and personal time.

Like Marshall Doyle. When he came to us he had not had a vacation in 20 years, but within a very short time with us he 5Xed his business. He got the hang of working with his team.

He shifted from boss to leader and only works 90 minutes a week. Just 1 meeting.

And is now one of our many CEO Mentors, paying it forward.

This is what scaling can look like.

But There’s a Catch

You need more than a great team to scale.

This is where The SCALEit Method comes in.

When we deliver this method to our CEO clients, I’m not the only one helping them apply it to their businesses. That wouldn’t be scalable, right?

I have a team of over 35 world-class CEO mentors, all who are founders of highly successful businesses, in all sorts of industries, and in all parts of the world, that have simultaneously created freedom for themselves.

My book on this method, ‘Scale of Fail’ was WSJ’s Best Selling Book and is endorsed many of the world’s leading business moguls.

So when it comes to The SCALEit Method…

SCALE is also an acronym.

Due to the length of this letter, I’ll walk you through the quick version of it right now.

S is for Strategic Vision – you need to be crystal clear about where you’re going and confidence with the steps to get there.

is for Cash flow – including SCALE Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Finance to drive up your growth and profitability. This is the oxygen of your biz and you need this flowing though daily.

is the Alliance of your team – When you get your vision out of your head and adopted by the people supporting you to get the growth you want.

L is Leadership – This is all about you. Your business can only grow to the extent that you grow. It comes down to “who” are you being? And “how” are you leading?

E is Execution. This is how your plan actually gets done, how time is managed, what systems and automations get put in place.

Those are the 5 Pillars of Scaling. And these 5 pillars need to be applied no matter which of the 5 phases you’re in.

Now the tricky part is that they need to be applied differently depending on which phase you’re in. For example your needs for cash flow will be different if you’re in phase 2 versus phase 4.


Selecting Your Scale Model

There are 15 Scalable Models that the most successful brands have used to add hundreds of millions of dollars to their bottom line within a few years.

That means there are 15 Scalable Models you can choose from to scale YOUR company.

That’s all you need to know about that… for now.

What Do They All Have In Common?

I’m talking about Robin, Fran, Bruno, and Marshall, who I mentioned earlier.

Besides the fact that they all are extremely successful CEO’s with team-managed companies, are hard workers, and know how to follow through with good advice…

They all had expert guidance from my team of CEO Mentors and myself, to help them crush their goals.

PGN Mentors

The coolest part of all of this is, after all their success, they’re not stopping.

They, and countless others in our community, are not just going to keep scaling their business… they’re also starting additional businesses.

Creating more impact and more of a legacy.

Because when you surround yourself with like-minded, high-level entrepreneurs, it becomes a lot easier to see your own potential.

Conversations change when you’re no longer creating a business, but growing one.

But that doesn’t mean things need to get more difficult. In fact, making that 20X jump can be as simple as figuring out and executing on one small tweak to your business… just like some of the stories above.

Your Problem.

If you’re currently at a standstill in your business and don’t know what to do next…

If you feel like you spend too many hours of your day trying to figure out how to make more money, instead of actually making it…

If you feel like you’re standing in your own way of major success…

… I’ve got something for you.

I’ve shown you exactly what could happen when someone works directly with my team and I.

I shared some simple facts about where they were when they started with us, in their extremely different business models, and where they’ve ended up.

And I’m not promising you the same results, but I would definitely say that you’re better off with us than without us.

Imagine What Could Happen To You If You Followed The Same Method & Got The Same Support They Did?

You probably got into business for more time, money, freedom…

One or more of the above.

You probably have a family that wants to be with you… kid(s)… a partner, aging parents.

You’ve been zig zagging for years.

Wouldn’t you rather take the toll road? …The escalator to the top? …The fastest route to your desired destination?

If you want to scale you have to restructure your business to make room for growth and make it to the next level.

Most business owners don’t know what phase they’re in, so they get stuck there for years, or decades, and die there.

You don’t want micromanaging to become your life and have your business running you.

You might not have even realized you’re stuck because where you’re at may not be “bad”… but it’s definitely not where you wanna be.

And it’s not because you’re not working hard enough. You are probably working too hard.

It’s the structure you’re operating in that’s not supporting you to scale.

What got you here isn’t going to get you there. If it was, you would be there already. If you haven’t reached that financial goal…

If you haven’t created that business that you really want, it may be that you haven’t had that high level mentor to get you there… or the community.

When my biz imploded over 25 years ago, I was there too.

I cut my first big check for SPEED. I wanted someone who could see past what I could see. Who could see the potential and how to get there.

I’ve invested millions of dollars in my businesses since then and turned that into tens of millions.

Phil Knight, founder of Nike said “business is hard enough, get all the help you can get”.

This is what successful people do.

Asking for help is one of the hardest things for people to do. It could feel like a sign of weakness, but really it’s a sign of strength. It’s smart. Why would you try to figure it out on your own if you could have the cheat codes?

CEO of Google, Intuit, Apple – they’ve ALL had a mentor.

I still have a mentor. I’m still in a mastermind and I know business very well.

Think about the obstacles holding you back right now. Every obstacle you’re about to endure has already been overcome by my team of mentors… and they’ve helped our members overcome them too.

You need 5 things to get you to your goal: Vision, Plan, Guidance, Accountability, and Community (because it’s lonely at the top).

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Once I figured out this formula to scale, I knew I had to share it. That’s why I created Pinnacle Global Network 14 years ago.

I understood how disjointed it was to have a family and run a business and actually enjoy life. That decision back then has helped thousands of people change their lives… And I’m proud of that.

So what if you stayed focused, had guidance, support, and less stress?

What if you could experience life on a whole ‘nother level because money and time wasn’t an issue?

Reaching that can be long, hard, and expensive. But it’s a heck of a lot easier, quicker, and more cost-effective when you have help from those who are experienced in these growing pains.

You don’t have to waste a bunch of time and money implementing dozens of ideas that you never finish… Googling and guessing your way through business.

All you have to do is follow our method, collaborate with our team, and not give up when more work needs to be done.

Does This Sound Like Something You Need?

If so, then I invite you to apply for a Scale Session to get a taste of how Pinnacle Global Network can help you.

If you’re ready to stop procrastinating on your dreams, then let us help you.

Before You Apply, Let Me Be Totally Honest…

First of all, we don’t work with startups.

You must be generating a minimum of $1,000,000 in company revenue.

We have 2 distinct levels in Pinnacle Global Network based on that revenue. Each level includes access to me and my incredible team to support you. They all bring tremendous experience to the table, but beyond that, the culture is second to none. We are a tight-knit community that stands for you when things get tough. We work together, behind the scenes, to solve your problems and get you what you need. We literally get on Mentor Zoom calls together to do this.

And it’s not just problem solving, it’s coming up with new ideas, growth strategies, and brainstorming together.

This isn’t cheap, but if you put in the work with us, it works.

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you know you have a big problem. Now, I’m giving you the option to solve it.

But There’s A Lot More To Explain…

If you’re still reading this, then I assume you’re still interested in learning more about Pinnacle Global Network – the one thing that can double, triple, or even 20x your profits and happiness in 2024…

This is not a course. There is no homework. It’s your own journey that we’re supporting you on.

Even though we have a process, we meet you where you’re at and figure out what’s going on. You might think you know where the gaps are, but we help you see what you don’t, to have complete clarity.

But it all starts with us delivering value through a complimentary Scale Session. We do have a capacity for these because this takes real time from us to dig into your business.

On the session, we’ll identify the one or more of the 15 Scalable Models you need to magnify your growth and show you how to customize the entire process.

If this sounds like something you need, click below and apply now.

If you qualify, you’ll be able to book a Scale Strategy Session, where you’ll not only learn about Pinnacle Global Network, but walk away with:
  • Clarity on the biggest gaps holding you and your company back from reaching your Big Picture Vision ​
  • Clear cut strategies to close those gaps and get you to the next level
  • Our list of 15 Scalable Models and which one you should focus on to amplify your cash flow and multiply your growth in 2024
Allison signataure

Allison Maslan

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Working with this Circle of Experts changed everything and allowed us to grow revenue to $14 million!

“Prior to finding this opportunity, I was trapped in a 7-figure hamster wheel for 22 years, feeling discouraged in my niche industry. Pinnacle Global Network transformed our approach, helping us launch new products, build an executive team, and grow revenue to $14 million. It’s not just about money; it’s about impact. Working with this Circle of Experts has changed everything – it’s not just knowing what to do, but having a supportive community that matters.”

Nicole Schlinger
President & Founder, Campaign HQ

We’ve tripled our revenue…

“Working with Allison and the Mentors at Pinnacle Global Network has transformed our lives and business in so many ways. We’ve tripled our revenue, built a dedicated team, successfully pivoted during the pandemic, and are on track for our highest revenue year. Personal growth is key, and thanks to this community and Mentors, our business thrives. We owe it all to the Pinnacle Global Network family.”

Jamie & Steven Geffner
Video Marketing Strategist, Producer & Coach, Geffner Productions

In just 4 months, I secured contracts worth millions!

“For 25 years, I struggled with plateaus, hiring issues, and scaling challenges. Working with Allison and Pinnacle Global Network changed everything. In just 4 months, I secured contracts worth millions, added exceptional talent to my team, and embraced the best company culture I’ve ever had. The transformation isn’t just professional; it’s personal. My mindset shifted from boss to leader. I’m just getting started and can’t wait to see how far I can take this!”

Tony Hill
Founder, Edwards and Hill Office Furniture

With the SCALEit Method I created multiple revenue streams and doubled my income!

“Before working with the Pinnacle Global Community, I was overwhelmed, wearing many hats in my law business. I was shown a roadmap beyond being a successful immigration attorney. With the SCALEit Method and the incredible support here, I started a Movement to support immigrants, creating multiple revenue streams and doubling my income. I couldn’t have achieved this alone.”

Lorena Rivas
Founder & Senior Attorney, Rivas and Associates

Bruno Reich

Now I have time and freedom to pursue my Passion Project!

“After 42 years, I was stuck at $2 million in revenue. Working with Allison and Pinnacle Global Network changed it all. I set a new goal of $10 million this year and $20 million next year. I’m on track to achieve that, thanks to the support I’ve received from this Network. Now, I have the time and freedom to pursue my Passion Project – building an Earth-Friendly, self-sufficient house – all thanks to Allison and her incredible Mentors. They made it possible.”

Bruno Reich
Founder, Reich Construction LLC