Optimism and Happiness At Work- Find Out How

“Entrepreneurs are optimists,” says Stephanie Gunning, publishing strategist, author, and host of the inspiring Audacious Creativity webinar series. A few weeks ago, Stephanie (a key supporter of mine while I was launching my book Blast Off!) invited me to come on her program and share my insights on starting their own businesses with her listeners.

As a small business owner and consultant in her own field, she respects what it took for me to create eight successful businesses since I was 23, including an ad agency, a homeopathic college, and a scuba diving shop.

“Allison,” Stephanie said to me, “You know firsthand how to turn passion into profits, and how to help people to discover their life’s purpose. My listeners would benefit from your advice about keeping going even in a down economy. The only thing stopping many people seems to be fear.”

I have tremendous respect for Stephanie, who interviewed me on topics such as:

  • What makes this a good time to start a business venture?
  • Tips to figure out what kind of business to start
  • How to start a new business while working in your old job
  • The cardinal rule of business success (can you guess this one?)
  • How to stay motivated and positive when naysayers, doubting relatives, and environmental negativity surround you
  • What kind of “ducks” need to be “put in a row” when you launch a business (legal, accounting, web support, vision statement, and more)?

You can listen to my interview below this post.

You may also find it helpful to watch my video on:

Why Losing Your Job Could Be The Best Thing That Happens To You181309sdc2

Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer told Stanford University students last week that it’s a mistake not to love your job. Acknowledging our tough times, he reminded them that there is still more venture capital available than innovative ideas for its use.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to get out of a job that’s not nourishing your soul, consider this: Paradigm shifts in technology are creating opportunities in every field. We just have to give ourselves permission to go and grab those opportunities when we see them! The audio below is a good place to begin if you’re ready for change–or had one forced on you.