Step 1: Complete Your New Member Assessment

Please check your email inbox for an invitation to our software to fill out your member assessment

Step 2: Sign Up For Your Structure Call

Set up your 20-minute Structure Call on Zoom with our Pinnacle Support Team. They will walk you through what to expect, how to use our tools, and make sure everything is set up correctly in our system for your success!

Step 3: Join the Private PGN Facebook Group

One of the valuable resources you have in Pinnacle Global Network is our private Facebook group for our active Pinnacle Members, Mentors, and PGN staff. It’s a great tool because you can collaborate, get feedback and connect with other Pinnacle Global Members for your business. To join the group, send a friend request to our Member Service Specialist on our PGN Team. Then she’ll invite you to the group and introduce you as soon as you’re in.

Step 4: Upload Your Bio and Headshot

Once we have your photo and bio, we will personally introduce you to our Private PGN FB Group! (Please send your short bio – no more than 2 paragraphs.)

Step 5: Register For Your Workshop

This actionable workshop is designed to strengthen your foundation as you begin to scale your business. You will spend guided time in crafting and enhancing your vision while navigating the SCALEit framework and tools; all the basics you need to deepen the quality of the work you will do with your mentor. Choose your date for your ½ Day Members Only Bonus Workshop!

Step 6: Give Us Your Shipping Address

We are going to send you a copy of Allison’s bestselling book, Scale or Fail. Please let us know where to ship it.

Step 7: Log Into Your Payment Portal

Go To – (Please bookmark this page) Enter the email you utilize with Pinnacle Global Network. Check your email for your “magic link” to access your account at any time.

*** Please note that it may take a couple of days for your account to be activated.

Step 8: Watch This Video Where Allison Maslan Explains The SCALEit Method™

The SCALEit Method™ is our proprietary process to help you move through “The 5 Phases of Scaling” so you can transition from being a Ringleader into living like a Visionary. There are 5 Key Pillars in the SCALEit Method™: Strategic Vision, Cash Flow, Alliance of the Team, Leadership and Execution. All 5 must be strengthened and optimized to move you to the next phase.

The 2 objectives of the SCALEit Method™ are:

  1. To help you shift to a scalable model so you can multiply your impact, sales and profits
  2. Build a team-managed company so that your business can ultimately thrive without you there.

Thank you for taking the time to complete all these steps!
We will review your New Member Assessment so we can start supporting you… and will be in touch shortly.

New Pinnacle Members:
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Choose My Mentor?

Our Director of Mentoring, Melissa Woods, takes the information that you provide us in the New Member Assessment to review your business history, needs, challenges, goals and so much more to determine which of our Mentors is best suited to guide you on your road to success.

When Will I Hear From My Mentor?

Our team takes great pride in making sure you are placed with the best Mentor for your needs. This process is very precise and can take up to one week. Once selected, your Mentor will call you directly on the phone and set up your first two Strategy Sessions to get clear on your goals and start building your Personal Strategic Plan. (PSP). You will both also book several sessions ahead of time, based on your schedule, so you can plan accordingly.

What Is Our Mastermind Like And When Does It Start?

Your Pinnacle Mastermind is a small group of about 5-7 Pinnacle Members who are there to support you and hold you accountable month after month on Zoom. Once your Mentor completes the first two Strategy Sessions with you, they will strategically place you into a mastermind group that will give you the most traction and support. Your mentor will also be present on each of these mastermind calls.

How Does My Pinnacle Deposit Show Up In My Investment? What Is The Payment Structure Breakdown?

When joining PGN, you will place a deposit of $500 (Elevate) or $1,000 (Scale). You can then either pay the balance in full to save $4,000 or choose the 12-month finance plan.

What If I Want To Change Credit Cards?

Let us know if you want to change your credit card on file at any time.

How Does Pinnacle Communicate With Us?

We will communicate with you via email, direct phone calls, Zoom gatherings, text reminders, and posts on our private Facebook Group. Please reach out to us at or by phone at: 888-844-3550

What Is A Structure Call?

Your Structure Call is a 15 – 20 minute Zoom meeting with our Pinnacle Support Concierge, Tiffanie Fitzpatrick. She will go over all of the exciting things you have access to as a Pinnacle Member. She will break down the different types of communication, support sessions, the Events Calendar, and also get you set up on our SCALEit App and the Facebook Group. The app and the Facebook Group allow you to have access to a wealth of information in our PGN Library and connect more directly with your Pinnacle Community.

If I Have Questions, Who Do I Reach Out To?

We are more than happy to help with any questions. The best way to get in touch with our team here at Pinnacle is to send an email to You can also call us at 888-844-3550.

You can also reach out directly, with specific questions, to the departments below:
For Mentor Related Questions:
For Payment and Financial Questions:
For Member Support:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

We are here to support you!