• Please take a moment to read through these (4) different personality traits. Most of us possess all of these traits. Please rank them from #1-4, with 1 being the one that most describes you.

  • Also known as the type A personality or Assertive. This person wants to win. You may be thinking everybody wants to win, but the reality is Competitive want to crush the competition, typically by any means necessary. They do this to gain power and/or bank large sums of cash. But more important is the thrill of crushing those that oppose them. Competitive want to be the leader, to take charge. They tend to speak louder and more assertive than the other 3 types. They don’t ask a lot of questions unless they pertain to the advantage they will have by investment of time. Competitive exude confidence.
  • Also known as the Amiable personality type. They are not driven by the survival of the fittest but rather the thrill of the new challenge. Spontaneous types love new ideas, better ways of doing things - the world is fascinating and they live to experience everything. This personality type is social. They like people and they, in turn, want to be liked. They are not methodical; they fly by the seat of their pants. Spontaneous/Amiable types choose to do business with people they trust. Spontaneous personality types want to work, not with people that they like, but rather people they can feel like them.
  • Also known as Expressives, Humanistics care about other people. They are concerned about how their actions will impact those around them. They can be spontaneous but the driving characteristic is placing others needs above their own. They value friendship, being true to your word, and trust.
  • Also known as Analytical types. These tend to be the engineers of the world. The known and quantifiable is their comfort zone. Facts and figures, and the correlation those facts and figures will have in their business are key. Stories mean very little. Supporting documentation that shows results are the backbone to their decision making process. Data Driven.
  • What are your top 3 challenges:

  • What are your top 3 goals:

  • What are your Top 3 Big Vision Goals you want to achieve by 2022

  • Please rate these in the order of importance (1 being the most important):