Interview with Gila Kurtz, Co-Founder of

Do you have a hobby that you would love to turn into a full time business? Or have you already started your business and wondering when the money will come? Enter, Gila Kurtz, Co-Founder of; a retail clothing and gift line for dog enthusiasts.

learn from Gila Kurtz from DOGISGOOD

Gila has always loved animals, especially dogs, as is evident by the name of business, DogIsGood. She loves training dogs and sharing her passion for animals with those that will listen. So her idea to create this lifestyle brand for dog lovers seemed like a perfect fit when she took the big leap. Now she and her husband Jon run this amazing million dollar brand, DogIsGood. Find out what her success secrets are, how she has made it through the ups and the downs of being a business owner, and how you can turn your biggest loves into big profits, too!

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