How to Expand your Business

#5 Expansion

How to Expand your Business


The S.C.A.L.E. Formula®

Fact: With strategic vision, cash flow, an alliance and leadership, you are ready to scale – it’s called expansion.  It’s time to set yourself up for big expansion, and there is a proven formula I have been practicing and refining over the past 30 years that I want to share with you.  To make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, you need a roadmap.  And, this is why I developed my S.C.A.L.E. Formula® that I have used to build many of my companies and in coaching thousands of business owners.

Hi, it’s Allison.  I am a 10-time entrepreneur, and I want to give you the roadmap to S.C.A.L.E.
To reach your pinnacle and elevate toward 7-figure enterprise success, you need to learn to scale. Scaling basically means replicating your impact and talents beyond yourself, so that you can reach a much larger market and expand your revenue. Take the final step toward setting yourself up for big expansion.  Here are my 5 steps to expand your business.

The 5 Elements of my S.C.A.L.E Formula® are:
1. Strategic Vision 2. Cash flow 3. Alliance of your team 4. Leadership and 5. Executing Your Plan.
In this post, I cover part 5, expansion, or what I call, setting yourself up for the Big Expansion.


From the Big Shift to Big Expansion

The big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise culminates with expansion.  Why aim small when you deserve big expansion?  It’s time to set yourself up to expand your business to new heights.  Your pinnacle awaits.  Get ready to break through that revenue ceiling and reach your pinnacle!


Expansion: The act of becoming bigger, or of making something bigger.

Big Expansion: Expanding the limits of what you thought possible.

Three decades of experience and 10 successful businesses have gone into figuring out a formula that works.  My S.C.A.L.E. formula has lead you to create a strategic vision, get out of cash-flow crunch, build an alliance, become the leader you were meant to be, and now experience expansion in your business.  Big expansion is the next step towards scaling up.  The formula is laid out in front of you.


5 Steps to Expand Your Business

The S.C.A.L.E Formula® – Step #4: Expansion.  Just like the thousands of entrepreneurs that I have worked with, the final step expanding your business.  The massive success that I am talking about, scaling your business to make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, depends on setting yourself up for big expansion.  Here are my 5 steps to expand your business.


  1. Go Big or Go Home.

Make the big shift and go big for big expansion – it’s a game changer.  My S.C.A.L.E Formula will set you up to expand your business, but expansion requires a commitment.  Take the next step, and prepare your team for operating at a high level and maintaining maximum results.  As we know, results come from more action, and to make to the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise requires big expansion and consistent action.


  1. Solutions, Not Problems.

Problems are an opportunity for solutions.  The leader of a 7-figure enterprise turns problems on their head, and turns every problem into an opportunity for solutions.  Do not shy away from a problem, tackle it to find a solution instead.  Identify the problem, apply a solution, and learn from the process – then repeat.  Any proposed solution will teach you something, and more often than not it can be applied again and again to a variety of problems.


  1. Improve, Adapt, Overcome.

Do not resolve yourself to business-as-usual, and strive for business-not-usual.  To set yourself up for big expansion, make the big shift to what is uncommon.  My S.C.A.L.E. Formula is a journey that starts and ends with the road less traveled.  It is not filled with what is trending or popular, reasonable or commonplace.


I dare you to be different, to think outside the box and create change.  It won’t always work, but I can guarantee that you will improve, adapt and overcome in the process.  What you will be left with is big expansion beyond what you thought was possible.


  1. Do Not Lower Prices, Value Yourself.

Do the math – Less volume at a lower price doesn’t add up.  And, it certainly will not help your bottom line.  Don’t focus on price.  Focus instead on adding value.  To make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, value is key.  It is far better to take the time to figure out how you and your team can add value, than to lower your prices.


  1. Never Stop Expanding.

Expansion is not just growth, and it’s not just numbers.  Expansion is internal and external, personal and professional.  It is training, development and betterment.  What are you doing to better yourself and your team?  You Alliance deserves to be set up for big expansion.


More than ever, training is not only necessary but mandatory.  During the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, a new norm has to be established.  Everyone is expected to operate and function at a higher level from here on out.  And, there is no better investment than to focus on what you can do with more training, than what you can’t do without it.


It becomes exponentially more simple to expand your business, if you set yourself up to scale for big expansion.  Expect the big shift and anticipate big expansion.  Even when you have it all –a strategic vision, cash flow, an alliance and leadership – there is always that next step.  Are you ready to reach your pinnacle?  Your next breakthrough is around the corner if you’re ready to expand the limits of what you thought possible.


 Take the Next Step

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is a proven formula to scale your business.  And, the roadmap to get there is my S.C.A.L.E. formula.   Step into step into results, step into leadership and step into a CEO success network.  And, set yourself up for big expansion.  Bottom line: Expanding your business will transform your life!

Making the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise requires a breakthrough.  Step into the inner circle with me!  And, the next step is setting yourself up for big expansion.  At the end of the road awaits a CEO success network full of influencers, movers and shakers, and valuable connections that have all followed this exact roadmap.  It’s time to experience your next breakthrough!


The Big Shift: The CEO Success Network

As you begin to scale your business, you are shifting from entrepreneur to leader, building a strong company culture and loyal customer following that cannot help but refer you to all their friends. You face the challenges of letting some people go that cannot grow with you, while taking bigger risks than ever before. You find yourself getting better at making unpopular decisions. Yet, you are ready to inspire your team with something beyond money and profit.

If you can relate, there’s a place for you. The CEO Success Network Retreat. This very exclusive 3-Day ‘think-tank’ and powerful training on the beach in Coronado, CA on August 12-14th. This is for advanced business owners that are ready to scale. Join leaders of the country’s most dynamic businesses for a rare chance to build strategic relationships, formulate real growth and walk away inspired…with a plan.


Allison Maslan

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