How is your Inner Language Affecting your Relationships and Your Business’ Bottom Line?

On the challenging days in your business,  do you notice how your mood affects the people around you, especially your clients and your staff? It may not appear on a conscious or external level that you are projecting grief, anger, resentment or fear, but trust me, your clients can tell. Whether you are aware of it or not, your internal or unconscious energy is transmitted loudly to everyone around you, especially in your business.

Years ago during an unusually tough time, I stepped back and took a look at my own stressors, and how they were affecting me in both my business and life. I kept thinking “Noone sees my stress. I’m not losing my patience in the office. What’s the deal?”  “Why is my business slowing down?” (I was in a complete state of denial.)

Outwardly I was cool, calm and collected. Inwardly, I was kind of a mess and it was affecting my business.

To be able to finally draw in the social or business relationships you desire, and lead your team in a positive way, you must first recognize what energy or behavior you are projecting at work. What is your inner language expressing without saying anything at all? Then, get into a quite, private space, or as I like to call it, your Inspiration Station.

What is an Inspiration Station?

  • An Inspiration Station is a creative and meditative space in your home that acts as a catalyst for inspiration and a haven for stress-free relaxation. You need a space to call your own that you can freely think, release and re-boot. (When my daughter was little, my Inspiration Station was in the bathroom, so whatever it takes, get some space!)

Once you’ve found your meditative space, ask yourself straight out loud, “What is my inner language saying to the world and my business?” (Seriously, ask yourself this.) Once you ask yourself this question, follow these steps:

    • Listen quietly to your inner voice to the answers that arise. Really listen to this wisdom. Do not candy-coat your answers. The more honest you are with yourself, the more powerful and positive the change can be.
    • Make a written record of the answers that come to you in your journal or The Blast Off! Workbook .

  • Release these powerful feelings: If you feel strong emotions arising, then there’s a good chance you’ve been suppressing them and then projecting them onto your staff or awesome clients. So look these feelings straight in the eye, and write them out on paper to release them. Journaling is a powerful tool that can release that unconcious heavy energy.
  • Flip-Switch Your Emotions: Once you release your challenging feelings, create a mantra that is the complete opposite of this feeling. For instance, if you mind has been spinning with ” I am so stressed, I have too much work to do.,” flip-switch your thoughts to something like, “I feel so strong and resilient I can handle anything that comes my way.” Immediately when you express this new mantra, your vibration will rise and you will begin to affect others in a much more positive way. (Including yourself!)

Your inner language is screaming louder than you realize, so make sure you are expressing positive vibes.