How a Regular Gratitude Practice Can Transform Your Life

On this week’s show, I’ll reveal how a regular gratitude practice can transform your life – including boosting your happiness factor by 30%!

Join me here to discover:

* How gratitude can be a powerful tool that ultimately increases your business success

* Why most people forget about expressing or experiencing gratitude – and easy tips to stay in this powerful place

*My favorite book about generosity … and how it’s become a fundamental strategy in my company’s success

*My mentor’s best advice for using gratitude to heal yourself – and others

*What to teach your kids about gratitude (this can transform their lives)

*And much more – tune in here.

Don’t forget to watch for the special gratitude challenge I’m issuing to you and everyone else who tunes in for the show. If you follow through, I guarantee that your life will look dramatically different by the end of the year. Watch below: