Got Mojo? I have some for you…

I have a new video to share with you with a little exercise to help you move past your fears and harness some Mojo so you can take the big leaps you need to succeed in your business and your life.

All success starts with an idea, but to turn that idea into a reality you must harness your MOJO!

The question is:

“Are you tapping into that inner strength, that MOXIE you need to walk into any room and ‘boom’ with self confidence?”

This confidence is vital to be able to make the quick decisions necessary to succeed. Too often we let fear take over and that million dollar idea you have may never get off the ground. Believing in yourself and your business is a crucial step towards huge success!

Here’s a short exercise to harness your MOJO:

1. Let’s examine your fear or worry from a different perspective. Often when we look
at something from a new point of view, the entire situation changes.

2. Visualize your problem, worry or fear as a tiny little pea separate from yourself.

3.  Then visualize and feel yourself as a powerful spirit, so big and bold, that is looking down on this tiny pea.

4.  By shifting the view of yourself towering over this fear, it will no longer overwhelm you because you are bigger than it!

If you want to learn many more steps to empower your inner MOJO contact me today!