Finding Your Perfect Client

When it comes to finding your perfect client for your business, one important first step is to identify any existing clients that are already your favorites. Which of your current customers are simply a pleasure to work with? Who has given you favorable reviews? Which clients clearly value you and your business and pay on time? Have your customers given you referrals?

Finding Your Perfect Client

Take Stock of Your Current Clients

You know who you like working with, so let’s start there. The key to finding great clients moving forward is to look at what has worked best for you so far, and identify what about those people has made that working relationship so successful and pleasant. What qualities do they all have in common and which stand out most to you?


Finding Your Perfect Client

Describe Your Ideal Future Client

Describe the existing clients you love in detail in order to create a map for finding and attracting future ideal clients. What are their dreams and goals? What are their personalities like? Do they tend to come from a specific industry you enjoy serving?


Finding Your Perfect Client

Target That Client

Outlining these details will help you to find more of the customers you want most for your business network, targeting them in exactly the places you are most likely to reach them. Perhaps the most important takeaway from this list is understanding what problems keep your ideal customer up at night and how you can help solve them. If you can find your client’s pain point and solve it for them, you will have a client for life.

Hone in on the kinds of customers you really want to work with, identify their biggest needs and address them pointedly by reaching out to them through the avenues where they are most likely to receive and interact with your solution set. This winning combination of steps will enable you to surround yourself with the perfect clients for your business.

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