How I crashed and burned and turned it all around…Feel excited about work

Early on in my business career, I created great success, but I was a mess. I was running from client to client, project to project until I crashed and burned. Basically my business was running me, instead of me running it.

What I was missing was a deeper connection to my business so that I could feel excited about work on a daily basis, and I was missing a solid strategic plan.

Basically, I was an opportunity seeker, not a strategic entrepreneur. It’s kind of like building a relationship that explodes out of the gate and then implodes shortly after.  Not fun!

So I did something drastic. I walked away from everything, scrapped it all and started over. That took a lot of courage and willingness to look at what was NOT working, deal with all the naysayers, and make a solid commitment to change.

The result: I went on to build 9 more vibrant, exciting businesses.

I have grown strategic in my thinking and as a result, I have grown my business successfully and created great wealth for my family and loved ones.  Best of all, the process has given me time for a full and passionate life.

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