What Life Choices Have You Made Out Of Facing Fear?

Think about how fear has played a role in your life and directly affected your choices regarding your relationships, careers, financial state, hobbies and values. What are you living now as a result of these negative beliefs?

Here are some examples:

Career: I am so worried about financial security that I am not really pursuing my dream career. I am not mentally stimulated in my job. In fact, I am so bored at work.

Relationship: I have always settled for partners who I knew would not abandon me, even though I wasn’t really attracted to them. Then I lose interest and leave.

Now it’s your turn. Write two to three sentences about where you are now in the following areas of your life based on any fearful choices you have made or limiting

beliefs you hold: (1) career, (2) relationship, (3) financial, (4) personal fulfillment, (5) adventure and (6) spiritual. When you really think about it, are you surprised to see how much your fears have played a role in your major life choices? Mind-boggling, isn’t it? I will leave you with this thought. Any choice that you make out of facing fear will most likely NOT leave you with a fulfilling or rewarding result.

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