Branding Lessons From Jennifer Lopez: How did the Superstar Talent Ascend into a Business Mogul

Jennifer Lopez may be from the Block in New York’s Bronx, but she has taken the world by storm and her success was not by accident. For decades, Jennifer Lopez has been honing her brand and building her business mogul status. Since the early 90s, she has leveraged various branding techniques that have a proven track record for singers, actors, and celebrities. What branding lessons can you learn from Jennifer Lopez to help your own business?

Branding Lessons From Jennifer Lopez: How Did The Superstar Talent Ascend Into A Business Mogul

Be comfortable in your own skin

Every marketer will tell you that beauty sells. Jennifer Lopez has made that her signature. Now not everyone can be as transcendentally gorgeous as a pop star, but beauty is about more than just physical appearance–beauty comes from within. I know that sounds cliche’, but it’s true: there is a beauty that comes with being comfortable in your own skin and radiating that confidence out to the world. As humans, we naturally gravitate towards people who seem to have an inner Shine Factor, so let your inner spirit shine in your business.

Be resilient in the face of failure

Early in her career, JLo and Ben Affleck became the ‘it’ couple in Hollywood, nicknamed “Bennifer.” Later in her career when she was pursuing more film and music, she married the world-renowned singer and songwriter, Marc Anthony, with whom she had two children.

Both of these relationships ended,  but the important lesson we can take from them, a sign of a good leader, is her resilience in the face of failure. Endings can be devastating for many people, both on a personal, emotional level and on a financial and professional level. Despite two high-profile relationship challenges, JLo has bounced back each time and shown that she is still a powerful enough woman to maintain a business empire while still being a mom. Successful people get rejected and knocked down, but they get up fast and move on.

Build a multi-faceted, diverse platform

Although you may know Jennifer Lopez as an actress and singer, she started out as a hip hop dancer on In Living Color. From starting as TV dancer and then a back-up dancer for MC Hammer and others, she crossed over into acting on the big screen in the lead role as Selena, which led to recording albums in not only English, but also Spanish. By being versatile–and building simultaneous careers in music, film, dance, TV, and more–she has become a musical performer and the one-woman show we have come to love. She can act it, sing it, dance it, and now even judge it with her role on American Idol.

Although Jennifer Lopez’s story of branding looks like a fairy tale, it has taken since 1991 to finesse her brand to this superstar level.  She has triumphed and kept her brand vibrant with her confidence, resilience, and diverse talents. She has built a business that is branded to sell designer clothes, sultry perfumes, solo dance songs, hit songs with Pitbull, concert tickets, multi-million dollar TV programs, movie tickets, and more.

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Like JLo, successful business owners know that it is important to develop more than one stream of income.  Have your daily revenue coming in from different avenues.  Look at what you are doing in your business right now that you are not getting paid for. What can you take and turn into a consumer goods product or information product? It is probably right in front of you, but you are not giving it value. Guess what? There are people that will see the value if you ask for it!

It has not been an easy road for Jennifer Lopez. Her persistence and business savvy through experience has paid off. If you follow her branding lessons, it can for you, too!

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