7 Ways to be a Great Leader

#4 Leadership

7 Ways to be a Great Leader


The S.C.A.L.E. Formula®

Fact: A boss doesn’t make the big shift from entrepreneur and 7-figure enterprise, a great leader does.  How do you become a great leader?  It is a part of a proven formula that I have been practicing and refining over the past 30 years.  That is why I developed my S.C.A.L.E. Formula® that I have used to build many of my companies and in coaching thousands of business owners.

Hi, it’s Allison.  I am a 10-time entrepreneur, and I want to give you the roadmap to S.C.A.L.E.
To reach your pinnacle and elevate toward 7-figure enterprise success, you need to learn to scale. Scaling basically means replicating your impact and talents beyond yourself, so that you can reach a much larger market and expand your revenue. Let’s take the next step by becoming a great leader.  Here are my 7 ways to be a great leader.

The 5 Elements of my S.C.A.L.E Formula® are:
1. Strategic Vision 2. Cash flow 3. Alliance of your team 4. Leadership and 5. Executing Your Plan.
In this post, I cover part 4, defining leadership, or what I call, Becoming the Leader you Were Meant to Be.


7 Ways to be a Great Leader

The S.C.A.L.E Formula® – Step #4: Be a Great Leader.  Just like the thousands of entrepreneurs that I have worked with, you need to exemplify great leadership.  The massive success that I am talking about, scaling your business to make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, depends on you becoming the leader you were meant to be.  Here are my 7 ways to be a great leader.


  1. Work with People.

To work with people is to care for people.


A Boss: Enjoys the benefits of their team’s hard work, and how it effects their bottom line, but not necessarily the team members themselves.


A Leader: Works with people and cares about people.  Great leadership, to truly lead, requires that you enjoy working with people.  A great leader acknowledges and appreciates the different talents, personalities and characteristics that make up their alliance.  Each team member is different, and each team member plays a vital role.


  1. Be a Mentor.

Be a mentor, but be confident – Your Alliance can do great things with great leadership. 


A Boss: Cannot let go of control.  To have authority is to have control in their eyes.


A Leader: Understands that to be a mentor is to offer guidance.  A great leader will also understand that each team member is capable of great things that add up to the big picture.  You have found Your Alliance, and they care capable.  With a clear direction, the strategic vision will match the results of your team.


  1. Learn to Adapt.

Stay firm to the framework, let go of control. 


A Boss: Is rigid.  A boss is set in their ways.  As the saying goes, “it’s my way or the highway.”


A Leader: Stays firm to the framework that works.  There is usually a formula for success, and structure can guarantee results, but a great will know when to adapt.  Adaptation is necessary to grow and not stay stagnant.  Keep to the framework, but empower Your Alliance to apply their talents and skills to the process.


4. Delegate

Delegate, and I mean truly delegate.


A Boss: Will not truly delegate.  A boss will feel that they can do a better job, and micromanage.


A Leader: Will truly delegate.  To fully delegate is to assign a task, track the task through to completion and support that team member in being successfully.  Your alliance will thrive if you delegate and empower them to achieve the desired results.


  1. Accept Blame, Give Credit.

Take responsibility and showcase success where it is due. 


A Boss: Takes credit, even when it is not due.  Failure, on the other hand, is not their own.


A Leader: Keeps their ego in check.  Success is the success of their alliance.  It is about the big picture and achieving the larger goal.  A great leader will showcase the successes of their team, and take personal responsibility for any failures along the way.


  1. Accept Risk.

Great leadership is the practice of risk acceptance.


A Boss: Tends to only put team members before themselves if it involves the risk of failure.


A Leader: Empower and encourage their alliance to take risk and try new things.  For a great leader, any mistakes are opportunities for learn.  Any failures are opportunities for improvement.  And, that includes the mistakes or failures of any team member, and especially of themselves.


7. Motivate

Motivation is the largest determiner of success or failure.


A Boss: Uses fear to motivate.  And, then finds out that it isn’t very effective (if at all).


A Leader: Taps into passion and aligns with talent to motivate their alliance.  They recognize that if the individual team member reaches their highest potential, everyone wins and the success is exponential.  A great leader will celebrate all successes, big or small, individual or collective.  In essence, they are their team’s biggest fan.


A leader will do some of these things.  A great leader will strive to do all of these things.  To become the leader you were meant to be is not easy, but the journey will be that much rewarding if you do.  Outstanding results are consistent when each member of your alliance, including you, walks away feeling effective and fulfilled.


Great leadership starts and ends with making the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise.  The ways to be a great leader are common sense when you focus on going from a boss to a leader.  It’s time to act the part!


 Take the Next Step

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is a proven formula to scale your business.  And, the roadmap to get there is my S.C.A.L.E. formula.   Step into step into results, step into leadership and step into a CEO success network.  And, become the leader you were meant to be.  Bottom line: Great leadership will transform your business!

Making the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise requires a breakthrough.  Step into the inner circle with me!  And, the next step is acting the part of a great leader.  At the end of the road awaits a CEO success network full of influencers, movers and shakers, and valuable connections that have all followed this exact roadmap.  It’s time to experience your next breakthrough!


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